Your bike's secret Christmas wish.

Our design was driven by focus on effortless everyday usability, extremely high durability coupled with many great features.

We've used some bike covers before and were always disappointed with their extremely low lifetime. They would tear so easily or get blown off, we knew this has to stop.

But we didn't end up shopping, we've jumped to designing. That's why we chose the premium Oxford Fabric 210D Polyester as the go-to material, mainly for it's great durability and low weight.

Our cover fully protects your bike against the elements, be it rain, snow, dust, wind or direct sun exposure. The water repelling coating keeps your bike dry and the Anti-UV finish protects your bike colors against fading.

Comes with a handy storage bag, so you can take the cover with you anywhere you go.

Two sizes to suit your needs: Large and X-Large to fit over any adult bike out there. Or multiple kids bikes.

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Main Features

What our customers say

"Very nice cover. Love it."

"Great bike cover. It fits on my bike very well."

"Excellent cover; just as advertised"